Welcome to the website of the Perception group, part of Experimental Psychology and the Helmholtz Institute of Utrecht University. Here you will find an overview of the different PIs working in this group and links to some of their personal webpages. Our group uses psychophysics and neuroscientific methods to study visual perception, eye movement behavior, visual awareness and visual attention. Our group proudly continues the long tradition of vision science in Utrecht with the ultimate goal of understanding how our perception of the world arises.

Principal Investigators of the Perception Group

Stefan Van der Stigchel [Personal Site]

Susan te Pas [Staff Webpage]

Stella Donker [Staff Webpage]

Ben Harvey [Personal Site]

Ignace Hooge [Staff Webpage]

Marnix Naber [Personal Site]

Chris Paffen [Staff Webpage]

Maarten Van der Smagt [Staff Webpage]

Sjoerd Stuit [Staff Webpage]

Associated with the Perception Group

Serge Dumoulin [Personal Site]

Hinze Hoogendoorn [Personal Site]

Frans Verstraten [Staff Webpage]

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