New publication in Cortex by Ada Tsouli on the interaction between Numerosity and Time

It has been proposed that number and time processing develop their specialization from a common cortical system. We investigated the potential interaction of numerical and temporal information using cross-adaptation between numerosity and duration. Participants adapted to visual numerosity or visual duration and then performed a numerosity or duration discrimination task. We found that numerosity adaptation altered numerosity perception, and duration adaptation altered duration perception. In the cross-adaptation conditions, duration adaptation affected numerosity perception, whereas numerosity adaptation did not seem to affect duration perception. We suggest that although unbalanced, there is indeed a common processing mechanism dedicated to numerosity and time perception.


Tsouli, A., Dumoulin, S. O., te Pas, S. F., & van der Smagt, M. J. (in press). Adaptation reveals unbalanced interaction between numerosity and time. Cortex,

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